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Монте Мелконян док фильм.

Nagorno-Karabagh , Dark Forest in the Mountain 1993-94 Documentary

Партизанский отряд – Егникнер

История Арцаха(Карабах)

Часть 1

Часть 2

Часть 3

Часть 4

Часть 5

Часть 6

Часть 7

Часть 8

Часть 9

Часть 10

Часть 11

Часть 12

Часть 13

Развалины Гюлистана

Герой Арцаха – Аркадий Тер-Тадевосян

Фидаины поют и танцуют!

Бойцы армянскойТаманской  дивизии танцуют кочари в Берлине после взятия Рейхстага.

My hands and my homeland

Roger Kupelian’s documentary Dark Forest in the Mountains is still on sale for $25 for a DVD featuring Marine’s picture on the cover. Boris, Marine’s father who asks for help in the video yet to receive any help. He lives in Kaliningrad, Russia in extreme poverty. He believes that there was an account set up in USA to get donations for his daughter that lost both hands after Azeri shelling of Armenian villages of Shahumyan in 1992. If anyone knows anything about this account please contact us via contact page. After almost 18 years, Boris needs a closure for his broken promises of any help.


kharabaxhian Verqere – Раны Карабаха 1991-92